About Us & Our Concept

Our concept is simple, empowering and heartfelt messages.  My daughter has been my inspiration from the beginning.  She is a minimalist in heart and soul and she likes the simple design and I agree it is elegant and beautiful. 

We teamed up together after a long hard year and wanting something more in our life.  So here we are inspirations and what we have looked at to get us through the hard times and see us into the future.

This company started in the car with my daughter and a conversation about wanting to have a life full love, fun, and family times without judgment or ridicule. I've always raised her to have an opinion but at times that is really hard to deal with because they are so much like mine.  But seeing her hurt by others because their opinions of her or I kill me when she voices them.

I am proud of the woman she has become and I watch her grow into an independent, opinionated, strong and passionate person makes me aware that I did it right. So, she and I, started this company together to empower women and hope to not let people hold them back and be ashamed of what they think and feel. We sell tee shirts with meaning and a lot of feelings. Not all of them are society appropriate in some people's eyes. But most are what strong women feel and deal with daily.
We will add a new collection weekly and we will keep the favorites at regular price and continue giving you the attitude you crave.
Also, our products are ethically sourced.  We use the best materials with comfortable fabric. We have researched the brands thoroughly and the company that prints our shirts is based in the United States.  We love sharing our thoughts with you and I hope you enjoy the products as much as we do.