Heart of an Angel

She has the Mouth of a Sailor, Heart of an Angel, and the Wandering Old Gypsy Soul.

I have been watching a lot of Youtube lately.  Looking at Pinterest for motivational quotes. I've been enjoying it.  I've watched Youtube videos regarding women and what is expected of them.  And you know what I have learned.  I've learned that they are expected to be perfect.  Perfect hair, perfect bodies, A+ students in school, perfect clothes.  But they are also expected to be fun, spontaneous, and fearless.  But oh no if they cuss and tattooed not so much, then they're too much like a boy.

There are all these sites with makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, how to lose the belly fat, how to slim your thighs and tone your arms. There is nothing wrong with any of that nothing at all if that's what you want to do.  And I do, I want to learn to do those intricate hairstyles and perfect makeup.  I want to always better myself.  But it isn't because I want to do it for anyone, not even my husband.  I want to do it for me because I love to learn.

I know we've come a long way since women weren't allowed to even show an ankle barely. But, there are all these restrictions still put on us.  And I see it all the time on social media.  Like girls being sent home from school because of skin showing.  You want to know what the reasoning behind it is...

They are distracting the boys.  Really... Still such a patriarchal society. I am the mother of two boys and they are distracted by everything.  But if they used a girl as an excuse why they were distracted and couldn't get their shit done they would be facing the wrath of their mother.  I've taught them to respect girls, women, and everyone else.  

I get so mad when I see those post of those poor girls.  I never see any posts of boys getting sent home because a shirt wasn't covering their backsides. Or that their tank strap was showing from under their tee's. Or if they weren't wearing a tank under their shirts and their nipples showed through. God forbid that.  But our girls are being sent home all the time.  Shorts too short, not wearing a bra, or their bra strap is showing.  But boys can show their underwear all day long and even take off their shirts while at school. But not our girls.  Because it is distracting our boys.

Oh and another thing... 

Traveling. We may not be still in the time where if a girl was to go somewhere she had to have a chaperone. But we aren't much past that.  We always encourage our boys to go out and sow their wild oats. We encourage our boys to date and we don't threaten the girls chasing them. We encourage them to explore the world. But I still hear parents saying that girls shouldn't travel the world alone it is too dangerous and they shouldn't have sex because no one will respect them if they give it away to easy.  Oh... and the one that makes me so angry is saying they're going to lock their girls up because they are too pretty.  Or the pictures of the man having a shotgun threatening to shoot a boy if he shows any interest in their daughter. 

Girls are not a piece of property. They are human and have their own very intelligent minds.  We need to get to a point where our girls see their value. That they are their own person. They don't need to be something they are not. They don't need to be perfect to make people happy. That they are strong and independent. That they can do anything they set their minds too. They don't need to put on a show.  That they just need to be true to themselves.

My point... let our girls be themselves. Let them be comfortable in their skin. Girls cuss, girls burp, girls fart, they have wanderlust just like boys. But girls do have hearts of angels. But angels are tough, they are the ones that bring justice for God. 

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