Broken People - Scott Hildreth

I don't even know what to say... Scott Hildreth is amazing.

I've read every book I could find from this amazing author. But I never came across this book until recently when I read Lover Come Back which by the way is his true to life love story.  Immediately following that book I had to pick up what started his author career.  Broken People.  

This book left me utterly speechless.  It was rough but I understand that being an author myself I know your first book is never your best work. But as far as books go I think this is one of the best stories I had ever read.  It is about a man that hides from the world or at least tries to.  He is an introvert but helps people online with issues.  His best friend is a person that he has never met in person. And he avoids all things that involve him.

It brings a lot of things that people go through to the light. Such as wanting to blend into the background, depression, suicide, racism, and mixed-race relationships and social status. So many things that people deal with but people tend to shove into the background because it is not fun, it's not entertaining. But it is a part of real life. 

The stories that are played out in this book seemed like a page right out of my own life. But even more so I think everyone can find parts of their own story in this book and know that they are not alone.

It is a book that I now recommend everyone read and reminds me of our collection Be Kind Always - Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about Always be Kind. 

Scott Hildreth is my go-to author for now and forever, well, at least as long as he keeps putting out books.  His characters will always inspire, entertain, and teach lessons. He empowers women in his books. He makes his men respect the women in the books. And if they don't they get punished. 

Now a note about the author - he is a stand-up man himself and if you want to find out all about him read his Lover Come Back book. Also, you can find him on Facebook. He holds a weekly or almost weekly live feed on Fridays. He and his wife, Jessica, are an inspirational team and they will make you smile and even more so they will make you feel like you can conquer anything.

Jessica is an amazing cover artist and does the covers for Scott and a lot of the other Fraternity Brother.


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